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Invest in forests to stimulate biodiversity and reduce CO2 emissions


Invest now in the world of tomorrow

An investment in the next generation

Retimber offers the opportunity to invest in the future of our planet, to make an important contribution to CO2 storage and to strengthen biodiversity.

As a sustainable investment fund, we invest in existing and newly created climate-smart forests. Together with future-conscious investors, we combat further climate change and increase biodiversity.

Invest in a green future

Contribute to a sustainable and green planet. By investing in forests, greenhouse gases are better captured, temperature rises are reduced and major natural disasters (such as sea level rise) are prevented. Biodiversity is increasing again and food chains are preserved.

Carbon Dioxide Storage

Our forests remove CO2 from the air and store it in trees and soil.


Our forests are indispensable biodiverse ecosystems, a natural habitat for insects, reptiles, birds, mammals and humans.


Our forests produce wood as a circular building material, which stores carbon for hundreds of years, and can replace concrete and steel.

Water management

Forests contribute to stable water storage and play an important role in relation to freshwater supplies.


Our forests are managed according to Climate Smart Forestry standards, the concept for sustainable forestry and the creation of biodiverse and resistant forests.

Monitoring and research

We monitor our forests with big data and state-of-the-art technology and we continuously monitor the impact of climate-smart forest management, so that the knowledge about this can be continuously developed.

The importance of trees

  • Purifies the air
  • Produces oxygen
  • Absorbs CO2
  • Absorbs sun rays and creates shade
  • Filters water
  • Increases biodiversity
  • Provides building material
  • Protects against flooding
  • Improves ground stability
  • Protects against dust, wind, noise and glare
  • Improves mental health
  • Prevents soil erosion

Cycas Capital

Cycas Capital is a corporate finance boutique focused on structuring sustainable investment opportunities that create value and supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ReTimber is therefore its own initiative to make nature an asset class again. We invest in reforestation, biodiversity, soil restoration and sustainable environments within Europe. We do this with a long-term vision (50+ years).

Invest via ReTimber and opt for a social return for the future of our planet. ReTimber has an expected IRR of 2 to 5% over the longer term (40+ years).

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The faces behind ReTimber


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Our partners

ReTimber is managed by a collaboration between the international engineering firm Arcadis and Cycas Capital. As a fund manager, Cycas Capital is responsible for all investment decisions, reporting and day-to-day management. Arcadis acts as an implementation partner and plays a central role in the construction and management of the forests.

In planning and assessing our investments, we work with a network of highly qualified and experienced academics and forestry professionals. For example, together with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) we intend to make planting plans that improve the diversity of forests.


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Invest with us

The climate problem will not go away on its own. Be part of the solution and invest in ReTimber. Invest for the next generation.

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